Unique Australian Gifts to Send to India or Overseas

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It’s no secret that souvenir gifts tend to get old fairly quick and many are novelty items. But there are some items that are uniquely Australian and make terrific gifts to send to relatives overseas, whether you have friends or family in India, Europe or the USA. Like nearly country, Australia has its share of things that really can’t be purchased anywhere else!

We’re particularly fond of the food items that are available in the land down under that can get nearly anyone excited. In this article, we’ll take a look at some other popular Aussie gifts options you should keep in mind for overseas friends .



Source -  http://www.bandt.com.au

Source - http://www.bandt.com.au

The brand is known around the world as something uniquely Australian and it’s rarely available overseas. A great option when spread on toast, crumpets or crackers, Vegemite is something As you no doubt know, the spreadable is quite bitter tasting at first, but you soon grow to love it with time.

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (even some Aussies aren’t a fan), sending a courier to India from Melbourne to your pals in India with a jar of Vegemite makes for a fine gift and as good a reputation of life in Australia as anything! Preservable foods that can be transported long distances always make good gifts to friends overseas and there’s nothing that screams Australia like Vegemite does.




Source - http://travelwithbender.com

Source – http://travelwithbender.com

It’s true that Milo is sold and enjoyed in other parts of the world. It’s popular in Colombia, Brazil, parts of Asia and over in New Zealand too. But there’s no doubt that Milo is an Australia invention and a popular import. Many Australians enjoy this malt, chocolate drink with milk, and we all have our own ways of taking it.

There is some speculation that the Milo available in Australia is actually quite different to that overseas, meaning there’s an even better reason to gift it. We’d like to think the original is by far the best!

Australian Soaps

Australia is blessed with so many world’s best natural plant oils. Famous soap companies make handmade soap with ingredients sourced from within Australia. Australian Soaps are unique Australian gifts for overseas relatives because they are lightweight, have great packaging, and divine smell! Even the smell of the Australian bush can evoke memories for home-sick Aussies overseas, or excite new visitors to the land down under.

Tim Tams


Source - http://phoodie.com.au

Source – http://phoodie.com.au

An item that is a hit with Australian and foreigners alike, Tim Tams are frequently found in the hand luggage of visitors heading out of the country. These chocolate biscuits have become an Australian icon and are nearly impossible not to like no matter where you’re from. There are assorted flavours available including white and dark chocolate variations on the original, which is still the best seller of the lot. If you’re planning on sending Milo and Tim Tams to your friends over in India, suggest they try out the ‘Tim Tam Slam’, it doesn’t get more Australian than that!

These delicious food items make great gifts when you’re sending from Australia to India, just make sure you work with a trusted courier. Send it Easy’s courier service to India from Melbourne are highly reliable and one of the only that offers genuine door-to-door delivery options, perfect if you need a gift to arrive at a certain date. Get in touch with our team today for more information.


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