12 Unique Australian Gifts to Send to India or Overseas

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It’s no secret that souvenir gifts tend to get old relatively quickly, and many are novelty items. But some items are uniquely Australian and make terrific gifts to send to relatives overseas, whether you have friends or family in the USA, Europe or India.

Like other countries, Australia has its own share of things that really can’t be purchased anywhere else! Knowing what makes a truly memorable gift to take overseas is a hard task on its own. With that in mind, we have rounded up 12 unique Australian gifts you can give.

1. Vegemite, 2. Opal Jewellery, 3. Eucalyptus Leaf Jewellery, 4. Aboriginal Art, 5. Milo, 6. Yarra Valley Wine, 7. Macadamia Nuts, 8. Australian Soaps, 9. Didgeridoo, 10. Boomerang, 11. Tim Tams, 12. Lucas Pawpaw Ointment


In this article, we’ll take a look at some popular Aussie gifts options you should keep in mind for overseas friends.


1. Vegemite


Image Source: Bandt.com.au

The brand is known around the world as something uniquely Australian, and it’s rarely available overseas. Every year 22 million jars of Vegemite are sold in Australia. It makes for a fine gift and is as good a representation of Australia as anything!

Made from leftover brewer’s yeast, Vegemite contains a large quantity of vitamin B. Available in shops all over Australia, it’s a great option when spread on toast, crumpets or crackers.

Preservable foods that can be transported long distances always make good gifts for friends overseas and there’s nothing that screams Australia as Vegemite does.

2. Opal Jewellery


Image ©JJ Harrison/WikimediaCommons

If you want to give something that carries value on a national level then Opal Jewellery is an excellent choice. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia and is a powerful symbol of the arid landscape. About 95% of the world’s opals are from here. According to the local story, a rainbow touched the ground and created opals, giving them its brilliant colours.

Visit a local jewellery shop and pick up a nice looking piece.

Also, you can go any buy opals and take them to the jeweller to make something creative and fashionable.

3. Eucalyptus Leaf Jewellery


Image by Real Leaf Jewellery Australia

Several eucalyptus forests can be found throughout Australia, especially around Sydney. Bush Art Australia works to collect eucalyptus leaves and gold plates them, creating beautiful jewellery pieces.

You can find earrings, necklaces and brooches for prices starting from $25 AUD.

Gift these unique Australian ornaments to your jewellery loving friends and family members.

4. Aboriginal Art


Possum Skin Artwork / Jinibara Designs

Nearly 60,000 to 80,000 years ago aborigine’s first settled in Australia. They used art as a form of storytelling, conveying their knowledge and beliefs of events that occurred. Original artworks costly, reach up to thousands of dollars. But there are also cheaper prints available in different souvenir shops.

Their rich artistic heritage resulted in some really cool artwork, which can be a unique Australian souvenir.

5. Milo


It’s true that Milo is sold and enjoyed in other parts of the world. It’s popular in Colombia, Brazil, parts of Asia and over in New Zealand too. But there’s no doubt that Milo is an Australia invention and a popular import. Many Australians enjoy this malt chocolate drink with milk, and we all have our own ways of making it.

There is some speculation that the Milo available in Australia is actually quite different to that overseas, meaning there’s an even better reason to gift it. We’d like to think the original is by far the best!

Send it to your loved ones overseas with the help of international parcel services, who will get your item safely to its destination.

6. Yarra Valley Wine


Image by WikimediaCommons

For wine lovers, making a trip to the Yarra Valley is a must. Known as the wine district in Australia, here you can taste wine mixed with chocolates and cheese. Before you leave, get some extra bottles for your friends and family to enjoy back home.

7. Macadamia Nuts


Photo by sunny sun on Pixabay

Native to Australia, these nuts are delicious and are considered a great snack. Being rich in calories, they are known to reduce the risk of heart disease. Also, macadamia nuts are loaded with antioxidants, are rich in nutrients, aid weight loss and help reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.

In Australia, you can buy them cheap and send them as delicious Australian souvenirs.

8. Australian Soaps


Australia is blessed with so many world’s best natural plant oils. Famous soap companies make handmade soap with ingredients sourced from within Australia.

Australian Soaps are ideal Australian gifts for overseas relatives because they are lightweight, have great packaging, and smell divine! Even the smell of the Australian bush can evoke memories for home-sick Aussies overseas, or excite new visitors to visit the land Down Under.

9. Didgeridoo


For music lovers, a great souvenir is the Didgeridoo. It is a 1500 year old Aboriginal wind instrument. Though traditional ones are hollowed out using termites, you can find ones that have been industrially made.

Because of excess baggage shipping, it might get a little bit tricky when bringing your didgeridoo back home.

But with the help of cheap international courier services, you can have it safely at your destination without any hassle.

10. Boomerang: the Australian Icon


Image ©Victor Collado/Flickr

Once used by the Australian Indigenous people, the boomerang was a hunting weapon which would return to the thrower. Now it has become quite common in sports and entertainment. Going to any souvenir shop, you will find boomerangs in different shapes and sizes.

This Australian icon can be a wonderful gift, showing off an Australian tradition.

11. Tim Tams


An item that is a hit with Australians and foreigners alike, Tim Tams are frequently found in the hand luggage of visitors heading out of the country.

These chocolate biscuits have become an Australian icon and are nearly impossible not to like, no matter where you’re from. There are assorted flavours available including white and dark chocolate variations, but the original is still the best seller of the lot.

If you’re planning on sending Tim Tams to your friends over in another country, we suggest gifting a ‘Tim Tam Slam’, it doesn’t get more Australian than that!

12. Lucas Pawpaw Ointment


Image ©Mixi Ignacio/Cosmopolitan

If you know someone who gets cuts and small injuries a lot, then the Lucas Pawpaw ointment can be very useful. Made from ingredients grown in Queensland, and following Dr T P Lucas’ 100 year old formula, this ointment can help soothe chapped or inflamed skin. It speeds up the healing process allowing your skin to recuperate quickly.

These unique items make great gifts to send from Australia, just make sure you work with a trusted courier.

Send it Easy’s international courier services are highly reliable and they are one of the only companies that offer genuine door-to-door delivery options; perfect if you need a gift to arrive on a certain date. Get in touch with our team today for more information.

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