Key Qualities of a Good Courier Service

With the movement of a large proportion of retail shopping online, courier services have never been in greater demand. Companies and individuals are all selling online and marketing themselves – in many cases – worldwide. The products need to be transported to the buyer.

But with so much demand for these services, courier companies are a dime a dozen. That said, theoretically, the high levels of competition generally mean that every player in the industry will be looking for that edge, offering the best service they are capable of. Although, you do hear of plenty of horror stories; packages going missing or arriving months later than they should, rude staff and even dishonesty in some cases.

That’s why it’s important to choose a courier delivery service that has all the boxes ticked so to speak. You can do research online, read reviews, etc. – there is plenty of resources available to you! You’ll be looking for the following characteristics when you hire a courier delivery service provider:


Good Customer Service

Customer service is a broad term that is thrown around an awful lot. So in the case of a courier service, what exactly does it mean? Basically, it’s about commitment to achieving your satisfaction with the service. A good courier company will make sure that the sender and receiver have all the information you need at your fingertips, or otherwise by means of a simple phone call. It will do everything it can to make sure your expectations are met and ensure that things run smoothly. To put it in another way, this company will genuinely care as much as you do about getting your package where it needs to be on time.

Speed of Delivery


This is without a doubt the most important aspect you’re looking for in a quality courier provider, as it’s ultimately the reason you’re hiring them in the first place. You want your package delivered wherever it needs to go as quickly as possible.

The speed of delivery depends on a few different things – fleet and employee size, delivery channels in the right areas and the business structure of the company itself. Of course, which company will deliver the faster will depend on where your package is going – one may be able to get it around the country in no-time, but if you want to send to the Philippines, India or the US, you’re looking at a huge wait. If maybe the opposite for other couriers. If speed is greatly important, it comes down to researching the company you are dealing with and finding out their capabilities.

Reasonable Pricing


Like with all services, there is something of a trade-off with package delivery providers between quality and pricing. If you pay top dollar for express delivery, you’re going to get good service every time. However, there are always exceptions and the good courier services out there will give you the optimal combination of the two. Often this comes down to trailing a few different providers or researching to find one that works.

Melbourne-based courier company Send it Easy provides the best rates and quick service to India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Canada, Nepal, USA and many others, as well as providing package delivery all over Australia.

Flexible Shipping

A courier should be flexible to you, not the other way throughout. When hiring a courier, you should look for a company that gives lots of options. Many couriers have next-day deliveries available, or even same-day – depending on the moment you ship and how distant an item has to travel. Others offer things like routed delivery and warehousing to assure the highest level of service for customers. Such opportunities confirm your professional status from a business standpoint.

Insurance Clause


In the courier business, a clear insurance clause must be taken to ensure that the transaction is risk-free on all fronts. This allows customers like you know that you can count on a courier team to take care of your shipping items.

The insurance clause is a statement that specifies what a courier service is and is not liable for. It communicates the possible risks you take when using this form of shipping, and what kind of return you can expect.

It’s good to know what your rights as a customer if you need to file a claim. The insurance clause leaves no room for uncertainty.

Domestic and International

While this isn’t strictly-speaking a must, dealing with a company that provides competitive rates on both national and overseas courier services can be super convenient, particularly if you’re selling goods online. Businesses in certain markets won’t necessarily need to send goods overseas very often, in which case it’s fine to go with a domestic provider.

But having a contract in place with a worldwide courier service can reduce costs – you’ll end up paying less per overseas delivery. Plus it saves you having to deal with multiple couriers at once. How important this depends greatly on your needs, however more often than not it’s wise to target as versatile provider as possible.

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