8 Useful Tips to Ship Fragile Items without Breaking Them

Fragile Items Delivery

Whether it’s a gift or product delivery for your e-commerce business, fragile items should be delivered carefully.

Preparing fragile items for shipping can be a troublesome task, so we have put together some helpful tips for you to follow to ensure the safe delivery of your important parcels.

Before you send your next package of fragile items, you can follow these tips to limit the chances of the products being damaged. 

1. Choose the right box

Choosing the right size box is essential when you’re shipping any delicate items. A small box won’t leave enough space for padding. On the other hand, an extra-large box creates space for the bubble wrap bounce around while it’s in transit. So, what’s the right size?

The perfect packaging should allow two inches of extra space on all sides with the item inside. Put extra padding like bubble wrap or packing peanuts in this space to protect your valuables.

2. Pack multiple items separately

When you’re shipping delicate items such as ceramic kitchenware, glassware or other breakables, be sure to keep the glasses, cups, and plates separated from each other. Wrap them separately and put newspaper or packing peanuts in the gap of each product.

You can also use some cardboard pieces to create compartments inside the box. This will make sure the items don’t knock into each other.

3. Don’t wrap too tightly

Make sure you don’t wrap your items too tightly. While it’s important to pack them securely, wrapping tightly may put pressure on your potentially breakable items. Your items can be damaged during shipping if there’s much pressure. That’s why you need to wrap them loosely but securely, based on the shape of the item.

4. Seal the box properly

Nothing can be more annoying than receiving an open package. Sealing the actual box is as important as wrapping the items inside. Otherwise, the items inside can be damaged when they accidentally fall out of the box. Seal the box securely with tape. Don’t let your hard work be in vain because you forgot to secure the box!

Fragile items handle with care

5. Label the packaging

No matter how securely you wrap your items, your package can be accidentally dropped by the people handling the delivery. Labelling your packages with “FRAGILE” or “Handle with Care” will give the delivery agents the message that you’re shipping delicate items. You should place these labels in a way so that anyone can read them no matter how they pick the box up.

6. Protect against weather

Bad weather can damage your shipping packages. It’s necessary to check the weather forecast before sending any item to any local area. If there is any possibility of snowfall or heavy rain, you can wait until it passes or uses plastic wrap or any moisture proof material for packaging if the delivery is urgent.

7. Find a good delivery company

So, you’ve packed your goods carefully and labelled them properly, now what? You need a trustworthy and affordable courier service provider to ship your goods safely and on time. Choosing the best courier company is crucial. You don’t want the products to get lost or damaged. So, choose a parcel delivery company that can provide you safe and highly personalised service.

8. Consider getting insurance

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. No one can guarantee that the courier carrying your goods won’t face any accidents. If you’re shipping any items that are fragile but expensive, it is highly recommended you get insurance for your valuables. It will save you from the loss if any unfortunate incidents happen.

Packaging is not the only thing that determines the safety of your goods. To reduce the chance of damage, sign up for a reliable delivery service.


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