The Advantages of Door-To-Door Delivery


Here in Australia, we’re used to having something come directly to our door when we order something online or receive a package from family or friends. Often it helps to get parcels sent to a work address (where you’ll be during the day) rather than a regular postal address. This saves you having to pick it up from the post office, which is where the parcel will be taken if you’re not available to receive it.

But in many overseas countries, most courier companies do not offer this degree of service. Many international courier services delivering packages to India, Bangladesh and other countries in the Indian sub-continent do not have the resources to take these packages directly to the recipients’ door. The alternative is to have the receiving party go and pick up their package from the airport, which in some cases can miles and miles away. In rural areas of India and Bangladesh, it can be quite an ordeal having to pick up a delivery item if it isn’t home delivered. It’s much the same on the flip-side; organising to drop off a package can be a hassle no matter where you are – India, Bangladesh, Srilanka or Australia. People lead busy lives nowadays and saving time is invaluable.

SenditEasy and DTDC are different from other providers by providing door to door service on both ends at an affordable rate. We can also provide packaging services, which means you literally don’t have to lift a finger through the entire process. This provides our customers with a higher level of convenience and is a reason we have become one of the best courier delivery services in Melbourne and Sydney.

Benefits of Door To Door Courier Services:


  • Less legwork for recipients overseas
  • Nothing to organise or worry about from your end
  • Packages are completely safe, secure and custom cleared
  • Turnaround time is equally as quick!
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