5 Technological Advances Improving the Courier Industry

It’s fair to say that the courier industry has been around, in some form, for hundreds of years. But recent technological developments made in the past few years have made the work of courier companies much more efficient, reliable and convenient for customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest improvements in the courier industry brought on by better technology in recent times and what may be possible in the future.

1. Tracking functionality

Tracking a package every step of the way is a very handy feature for a recipient and while this has been available for many years, these are significantly more accurate today and the processes to provide this service are all but automatic on the suppliers end. From the customer’s perspective, the common means of tracking is to jump on the courier’s website and enter a code. But it’s likely automatic emails will be the norm very soon.

2. GPS positioning

The means by which improved tracking will become available is via GPS, with every van and truck being tracked every step of the way. It is forecasted that in the future, customers will be able to find the location of their package within a few square meters, making tracking as pinpoint and accurate as it can possibly be. Courier companies can also keep track of trucks and vans, increasing driver efficiency and more easily figure out the best route. This ultimately reduces the time needed to make a delivery.

3. More accurate delivery times

One of the most frustrating things as a recipient is learning that you’ll need to stay home between 9am-5pm so you don’t miss your package. With the technologies discussed above, this situation will eventually be a thing of the past (thankfully) and customers will be given a near-exact time of when the courier will be knocking on the door. Even today, in many cases courier companies like Send it Easy can give more specific times than even 5 years ago.

4. Handheld electrical equipment

In the past, courier drivers would need to carry around hoards of paperwork, collect signatures and store it safely and securely. Today, customer data is stored electronically saving time and money on administration in particular. If you receive a package today, you sign on a handheld electrical device which also reduces errors and ultimately saves trees and other resources in the process.


5. Warehouse management systems

Online warehouse planning software allows courier companies to manage stock to a level that is considerably more efficient, saving time and money. They help warehouse managers to control the movement and storage of units, effectively ensuring that those that are needed are always easy to access.

The journey of the courier service was not so easy in the past. People have to struggle to get their parcels to their loved ones as it was both costly and risky. This is an area in which technology is constantly improving and innovations are being made every few months! This ultimately means better service for customers and potentially cheaper prices too.

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