Technologies that are Improving and Changing Courier Services

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We have discussed on this blog in the past how the courier and package delivery industry has changed over time. As more resources are allocated to this industry, the system is becoming more efficient and effective for both courier companies and their customers. Some of the main areas of development and progress in the area have been listed below.


Start-ups like Airbnb and Uber have ushered the sharing economy, which has had big implications for a number of different industries. One area in which more traction is gaining is the courier industry. We are now seeing some business developers looking into ways that they can incentivize the public to act as couriers and delivery packages for payment.

Delivery, which has recently launched, is a good example. This platform allows anyone to sign up as a messenger and deliver people’s packages to them at a convenient time, in exchange for a fee.


Safety is always the number one concern for courier and logistics companies, given that drivers spend a great deal of their time on the road. Fleet management technologies and the Internet of Things are allowing for greater ability for operators to monitor the state of their vehicle and also ensure that the contents are in good condition.

Drone Delivery

Again, this technology is still in the early phase and isn’t operating as efficiently and effectively as it will in the near future. But drone delivery has great potential, particularly in the ecommerce area. The idea here is to order an item and have it delivered from the warehouse to your home later that day via drone. This is already available in certain parts of the UK.

Temperature Control

Around 90% of the food that we all eat is transported at some point or another in a van or truck, so proper refrigeration is very important. Improvements in this area have allowed for greater control and even the ability to have separate compartments of different temperatures. This means that frozen and chilled foods can be transported together for instance.

General Accuracy

Technology and greater resources in the industry are allowing for more accurate tracking and delivery estimations in general. For large shipments, GPS-tracking allows for customers to track their delivery in real time within a meter every step of the journey on their smartphones. The idea of having to be around the house all day is also a thing of the past – with more accurate estimates for when a package arrives at a certain destination.
The next five years will see quite a few changes and improvements that change the courier and logistics industry for the better.

Some of these we may not even have considered to this point! It will be interesting to see the developments as they take place and SenditEasy will always be at the forefront of development in the field.

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