Step by Step Process of Delivering Couriers by SenditEasy

International courier service

With our increasingly global world, the demand for great couriers to deliver goods overseas is steadily increasing. Choosing a secure, trustworthy and most of all quick courier to take care of your goods all the way through the process is important. SenditEasy is one of the leading door-to-door courier service providers in Australia, servicing clients from countries all over the world including India, the UK, the USA, Asia and the UAE. We keep your things safe throughout the operation ensuring a smooth journey for all your important items. Here is a run-down of our courier process from beginning to end:

1.Online Booking

The whole world is online these days and our online booking system makes it very easy for you to organise how you wish to courier your goods and where. Online booking with SenditEasy is as easy as a couple of clicks! Just enter your details and our professionals will take care of the rest!


One of our trusted couriers will come and pick your parcel up right at your door! We have a highly experienced team that has access to over 25 vans which means we are both incredibly quick and very safe, as well as being a cost-effective, cheap courier in Melbourne.


SenditEasy has warehousing and inventory options you can choose from if you need us to keep your parcels and cargo safe for a period of time before sending them on or picking them up. These flexible options are designed to cut down on your end-to-end supply-chain costs and keep things simple.

4.Secure Transportation

We transport packages both domestically and internationally quickly and efficiently, making sure they arrive safely at their final destination. With our large fleet of vans and our dedicated, reliable team you are sure to get a professional, fast and efficient service that takes care of your parcels from the beginning to the end of their journey.

5.Customs Clearance

SenditEasy processes hundreds of orders every day, because of this we have developed a system to deal with customs and put a procedure in place that enables us to work with customs to expedite the clearance and get your parcel on the road again.


When your goods clear customs they are on the home stretch to their destination! Our couriers deliver your parcels to their destination safely and quickly, whether they are expected in India, the UK, China or Nepal, our couriers will get your important items to their new home.

When choosing a courier there are a number of elements to consider before committing to using them – their service area, how easy it is to book, how trustworthy they are, how fast they are and how much you are willing to pay. SenditEasy balances the costs of sending things overseas and locally with the provision of superior service, giving our many happy customers great value and a great experience and helping them save time and money.

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