International Freight & Shipping Solutions

Australians frequently need to ship awkward, larger-than-normal or particularly fragile items overseas, and can have a tough time figuring out their parcel delivery requirements. Whether it’s sending gifts to family in India, excess luggage to the United States when travelling or shipping a larger quantity of items for commercial reasons, our consultants help customers find the best, most cost-effective option. Our emphasis on customer service coupled with our huge global logistics network allows us to offer the most competitive pricing for door-to-door delivery abroad.

SenditEasy offers a range of freight forwarding options via sea and air, designed to deliver shipments quickly and efficiently to any address in Australia and abroad. With a number of delivery solutions available and the assistance of friendly logistics staff, our customers are easily able to find a shipping option that suits their requirements. This means we can assist whether they’re sending off simple documents or large container loads.

We provide express international air freight services that ensure the package is delivered to the desired address within 6 business days. This can be ideal for excess baggage, important documents or sending gifts and other personal affects to loved ones overseas. Our ocean freight options are suited to bulk cargo or if the delivery is less urgent. Whatever the requirements, our staff finds the most cost-effective option.

As one of Melbourne’s most trusted local and international couriers, we take every measure to ensure the safety of our customers goodsand our large logistics network allows us to charge lower rates than many of our competitors. Call Us 03 8786 9898 to arrange a pickup or drop goods/parcels at your door.


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