Common Packaging Mistakes You Need To Avoid


We all love cards and presents from our loved ones, whether large or small. Exchanging gifts is a process that continues all year-round, as long as we have someone special to whom we can present a gift. Still, it’s easy to rush the packing and shipping process and make mistakes without even noticing.

As a retailer, good packaging will not only appeal to customers but also help them to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Conversely, a simple mistake with your packaging could jeopardise your shipping products!

Below are some common packaging mistakes, and ways to avoid them:

1. Choosing the wrong sized box


packaging can lead to broken or damaged goods, which is the worst thing that can happen when shipping. If you’re dealing with a high-quality international courier service, they may be able to handle your packaging needs as part of the service. Otherwise, it’s up to you to provide your goods with ample protection. Critical to this process is using the right sized box; selecting a box that is either too small or too large is going to cause problems.

An overly large box is going to wind up taking you longer to pack, as you’ll need to use more material around your goods. A larger box also invariably allows for more movement inside, increasing the likelihood of damage.

It’s always a good idea to recycle and reuse things, and often you can send out a box that had been sent to you in the past. Just keep in mind how important the correct box size is, as well as the box being in good condition, with strong corners being particularly important.

2. Using the wrong kinds of packing materials


Once you’ve picked out your box, you’ll want to use packing supplies to cushion your items and ensure that they move as little as possible; this means filling the space between the object and the inside of the box.

Sometimes you can get away with using newspaper or shredded paper, but for heavy items, this might not cut it.

Often when you’re just using paper to cushion your goods, any pressure will change their position, which can lead to empty space. Materials like bubble wrap and polystyrene are designed to bounce back into position after having pressure applied from heavy items on top of the box, and are a far better choice.

3. Overpacking


While packing shipping items, people often make this mistake of putting them in multiple, unnecessarily large boxes. Although there is a reason for doing this, as you might want to protect the valuable items you are sending, this practice costs you more money in materials and freight costs.

A good trick you should apply to avoid overpacking is to invest some time in packing and preparing everything before sending the shipping goods.

4. Incorrect labelling


When a recipient receives products with the wrong labels, this can damage your reputation. The situation gets even worse when someone is allergic to products that are not labelled properly, or they are used for medicinal uses.

Always be careful when you send a package; give extra care with the labelling process, double-check the product before it leaves your premises, put a backup label inside the box and place the other label on top of the box.

Furthermore, ensure the label is readable so that your shipment arrives damage-free, and in a timely manner.

5. Not using up all the space


Another common packaging mistake is not using the excess space inside the package. Some products require filler to keep them stable, to ensure security during hauling. As the products move from one place to another (e.g. from transit to the retailer, to the customer), you have to ensure that they are stored effectively.

6. Failing to seal the package


You’d be surprised how many people fail to seal a package correctly, even though this would seem like the most obvious part of the entire process.

Use thick masking tape; 3-inch tape is the way to go. Take care to tape up the seams with two or more layers to ensure a secure seal all the way around. Taping in an ‘H’ pattern, so that you also tape up the corners, is highly recommended.

Failing to seal the package properly will usually lead to your box coming undone, which spells trouble for its contents.

7. Unclear address


Again, this seems very simple and straightforward, yet there are a massive number of undelivered packages every year due to poorly written addresses and postcodes. The worst part is that when you’re sending something overseas, any mistakes are going to make it very difficult to track down your package.

Always remember to provide a return address too!

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