Our New Springvale Warehouse Means Better Service for You!

A leader in the logistics industry in Melbourne, SenditEasy is always looking at ways we can improve our turnaround times, security of your packages and overall service. Having recently secured a 300 square metre warehouse in Melbourne’s East, we’re in an even better position to do so!

Warehousing is a very important aspect of transport and logistics. As an international courier delivering to countries like India, Sri Lanka and the United States, we have hundreds of tonnes of stock to store at any given time before it is packaged, organised according to destination and finally shipped off to the recipient. Having a larger storage space increases our efficiency considerably and means we can organise our shipments more effectively. This warehouse also allows us greater resources to ensure the safety of the packages, excess baggage and important documents that our customers frequently transport overseas.

Ultimately, this means our service is much more convenient, timely and trustworthy. We’re excited about the future at SenditEasy and we’re driven to constantly improving our processes. Contact our office for more information.

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