SenditEasy is a first-class courier service provider, helping many people in transport good from Australia to countries all over the world, including Nepal. Affiliated with some of the top logistics companies in the Indian subcontinent, we send the parcel to Nepal from Australia in the quickest possible time. Our affiliate partner DTDC has established a vast global network over the past decade, and we are capable of transporting large quantities of commercial goods, cargo shipments, essential documents, and excess baggage via air and sea. We handle everything from customs clearance to packaging and give the best courier services to the clients regarding timely delivery & cost-effectiveness. We aim to make the convenient process to send a parcel to Nepal as we can react from your initial contact with our helpful logistics staff in the quickest possible time. Our widespread pickup and delivery networks in Nepal allow us to provide door-to-door delivery service without acquisition the fees that are charged by our competitors. Our service is available for:

  • Businesses
  • Families
  • Students
  • Returning tourists

Baggage Shipping

Whether you’re heading back to Nepal or returning after a stay in the land down, you may notice that your carry-on and check-luggage far exceeds the limit enforced by your airline. Excess baggage shipping is a huge business nowadays, and this means paying exuberant extra fees to induce all of your belongings over to Nepal, not to mention the inconvenience to check the additional luggage through customs. While leaving from Nepal or other countries who have the time when they are rushing to get on a flight? If you are looking for cheap shipping to Nepal, we will facilitate by providing you with a wide range of variety of excess baggage shipping that is way cheaper than what you would otherwise be paying to your airline.

Send Gifts & Personal Items

Like other countries, people from Nepal are also family-oriented and love to exchange gifts on various occasions.  We provide excellent Australia to Nepal parcel delivery; thus we take extra care for transporting these personal things and treat every parcel with the utmost importance. We are the high affordable courier company having with an extensive network spanning all over Nepal.  No matter how big or small your package, we are able to deliver, with air/sea freight forwarding, excess baggage and cargo transport services available. We pride ourselves on keeping our courier charge from Australia to Nepal competitive while providing the best overall service and quickest turnaround times for deliveries in the region. Give us a call on 03 8786 9898 or get a free quote today.