Measuring The Service Quality Of An International Courier

In any industry, customer service is of utmost importance. It’s true that in some cases it may be more important than others (see the hospitality industry), but it’s an absolute fact anywhere in the world that if you treat your customers poorly or don’t come through on your promises, they’re not going to be your customers for much longer. In the courier industry, it’s no different. Let’s take a look at a few factors that you should consider when looking at how adept a provider actually is.

Main Aspects Of A Good Service

When it comes to customer service, there are five main aspects that need to be considered.



TANGIBLES refer to the equipment, infrastructure and materials that the company has at its disposals. They play the most important role and contribute the greatest value to the business. They vary from business to business and sometimes the business need not to operate them all on a consistent basis. But the tangibles should be available whenever they are needed and they should be the best in their quality always. Tangibles may include trucks, vans, a team of couriers and access to international delivery channels for example.

RELIABILITY is quite self-explanatory. It’s all about the willingness to help out the customer and get the job done under any circumstances, without promising things and not delivering. It may also refer to capability and strong company culture. It is the most important quality to have and should never be compromised for any alternates. In the customer service realm, reliability is one of the most important factors that the customers always look for.



RESPONSIVENESS is all about communication, an important part of any service. It’s about making sure the customer understands the process and not leaving them in the dark. The customers eventually love to evaluate how much the business is responsive towards them. They measure the speed of the service they receive, measure how much the business is concerned about them and how the business response to their changing demands and needs.



ASSURANCE concerns the connection that staff are able to make with the customer. It’s about reassuring them and winning their trust and confidence. It is to keep the customers always satisfied along with taking the constant care of the organization. Whether the business is small or big it is a must to make sure that the business is successful in retaining the customer trust and confidence for the long run.


EMPATHY is about demonstrating that the customers’ interests are always number one and not ignored the interests of the company. It is the ability to understand the needs and wants of the customers and always giving the first priority to their interests. Having the attitude of “Customer is always right” motivates them to get the best experience. Understanding the customers and giving them the best comfort is vital to maintaining consistent success.


What these all mean?

The important thing to note is that these aspects are not all valued equally, depending on the specific customer and obviously the industry. In the international courier industry, for example, Tangibles ranks very highly because they, by definition, determine how quickly a package is able to be moved from point A to point B. If this doesn’t happen quickly enough or the number of services doesn’t reach the necessary standard, the overall experience from the customer isn’t going to be a positive one. A courier company should provide a range of services including excess baggage freight, international air freight and door-to-door service in as many countries as possible just like SenditEasy is doing since long!

Reliability is also of utmost importance. A customer is putting their trust in a courier company to deliver their goods, which are often very important, by a certain time. The stakes are often very high and anything other than delivery of the service, as advertised, is not good enough.

On the other side of the coin, assurance and empathy may be more important for those in a service orientated industry, where maintaining relationships and understanding the specific needs of a client is what makes the service work.

This gives you a good framework from which to look at the service offered by your courier company, and whether they are living up to their promise. While reliability and tangibles are the most important characteristics, your courier should be capable in the other areas too. If you’re looking for such a courier company that has all the aspects and can also manage international logistics then there is a Melbourne based cheap courier company welcoming you to meet with all your expected wants and needs and spreading their delivery hands to multiple countries.

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