Know your 5 P’s of Delivery before sending your Gifts this Christmas

sending gifts in christmas

Sending gifts halfway around the world at the busiest time of the year in terms of mail transportation is often a quite worrying experience for first time users of non-national services. The main worry of many people is how long will the package take in transport, and will it get there undamaged.

Excellent service is needed in the modern age of sending parcels, but if you keep in mind these 5 reasons to think of when looking for a parcel courier, you will be well on your way to having the confidence to send your Christmas gifts all across the globe!


1. Pricing Of Your Parcel Delivery

measure cost of sending parcel

The cost of sending your parcels may play a large role in determining which postal service you choose, and whether to send that extra gift or not. Heavier items are often more expensive to send, but some delivery companies offer a set fee for weight, meaning that you can calculate precisely your costs before you wrap the item up to be sent.


2. Presentation Of The Company In General

judge company presentation

Although it may not make a huge difference in terms of the quality of their service, the presentation of postal service can often let you make snap decisions on whether this is the company for you. Turning up to pick your item up in a shoddy old van and a guy in no uniform may be unfortunate, but it may also say something about their brand ethos.

Having a well-balanced postal service that delivers your item from a decently protected van, and a delivery person dressed in the company uniform says to the customer that they are taking the company seriously, and are keen to maintain an image for the benefit of their services.


3. Process Of Your Parcel

process of parcel delivery

The way courier service has evolved by time and the process and the system by which a postal delivery service operates may play a key role in determining how quick your item is collected, how quick it gets to the pick-up point for international flight, how well their customs procedure is and how swiftly it is delivered to the final destination. This process can vary from company to company, so take note of estimated delivery times and make your decisions about the quality of their processing services.


4. Products & Services The Company Can Offer Its Customers

services of courier company

Playing the key role in the entire operations, the quality of the products and services on offer by the postal company may determine if they garner your custom or not. Many international air freight services offer long haul services but not shorter trips to local, regional areas.

A courier service Melbourne wide may be the best way to deliver important documents on a day to day basis, but a larger service for air freight and local courier delivery will be better suited to those one-off parcel deliveries that work out better than using standard international mail.


5. People Who Work Within The Company

people working in the courier company

The people who work in the courier delivery routes, the people in the air freight collection team and those who evaluate your postal services play a big part in giving the customer the confidence to purchase their services. A friendly and informative sales representative is always a great way to allay fears about shipping times and delivery status, with round the clock help a great way to determine if the courier is giving you great service or average service.

Shop around for the best deals to find a great courier for sending your Christmas gifts this holiday period to find the best deals. Have confidence in some of the well-known courier service companies in Melbourne for picking up your goods, and you may find that sending parcels internationally was much cheaper, and faster than you might have thought.

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