Key Points to Remember about Sustainable Supply Chain


We all know that the term ‘supply chain’ refers to the process of production and distribution of a given organization. Supply chain sustainability, on the other hand, is the relationship between a supply chain company and the environment around it.

For example, courier service industries are involved in a very large and diverse supply network surrounding the delivery of goods, shipping of cargo and handling of excess baggage. Therefore there is a growing need for this type of company to integrate environmentally sound choices while operating.

Senditeasy is one of those courier companies in Melbourne that has come out as a reliable and trusted supply chain core through our strong commitment to becoming more sustainable while using global and national resources that are supportive to successful business operations. Moreover, Senditeasy also provides friendly import/export delivery services giving customers a service with greater efficiency and lower overheads when receiving or delivering their goods. Running a courier service company from one of the most liveable cities in the world, we have learned a lot about sustainable supply chain management so far. Below is a list of key points to remember if you want to run a similar type of business from any developed country:

Outsourcing Investment

When it comes to customer satisfaction, hiring third-party logistics for the distribution of goods is often the best way to tackle the process. Hiring quality professionals to improve your sustainable supply chain can make the delivery process much easier and smoother. Contracting such investment enables the service provider to connect better with the targeted customers. Hiring the right logistics company will improve distribution efficiency practices and provide you with expertise regarding the knowledge of logistics.

Controlling the Flow of Goods in Bad Weather

In order to be sustainable, it’s important for the organizations to handle any sort of disruptions flexibly. Finding the most efficient manner to deliver the goods to the recipient regardless of traffic conditions, weather or staffing issues and all these have to be achieved without sending the overhead costs out of control. At the end of the day, it is the customers who have the last say on whether your company is successful or fails.

Software Focused on Green Initiatives:

Almost every business uses computer technology to find out how to further improve the service provided, resulting in numerous software to handle orders. Similarly, in the courier service industries, the software may include several processes like comparing monthly or half-yearly expenses with their environmental impact, figuring out how well they perform with emission regulations or the average timing of the delivery compared to the actual amount of fuel consumed.

Willingness to Take Up Sustainability:

Though we’re discussing this issue last, it is probably one of the most important factors to consider when first thinking about how to become more sustainable and is a key component to make supply chain efficiency. If the organization is not committed enough to bring sustainable changes, then it’s going to be difficult to achieve sustainability in the long run. According to a survey, almost 37 per cent of professionals remarked that the lacking of the clear and intense strategy was a barrier against being able to exercise green environmental and sound operational best practices.

Therefore it can be concluded that sustainable supply chain practices enable an organization to improve their public reputations, reduce overhead costs across over all the distribution practices, enhance their service and continue the better shipment of goods while increasing revenue. It is also helpful in gaining competitive advantage and most importantly makes the company more environment-friendly.

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