How Overseas Visitors Utilise International Courier Companies in Australia

Being one of the world’s most wealthy countries and home to many natural wonders, Australia is a popular destination for tourists and immigrants. Every year, thousands of skilled workers come and settle in big cities including Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the majority of these people are from India, China, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

  • The DHA estimated that the total number of arrivals for the year ending 30 June 2014 was 505,000 and it’s clear that the number of people coming into the country is rising every year. While this is an issue that is quite contentious as it inevitably brings to mind the problem of illegal immigration, generally speaking having more visitors has a positive effect on the economy and Australian businesses. Our economy has a thriving service industry that never seems to subside, and immigrants and overseas visitors make up a relatively large percentage of the workforce. These visitors also increase the overall demand for certain products or service offerings.
  • One of the most important industries that may be affected is the courier service and shipping industry. According to the IBIS, the level of interest in international courier services has grown over the past 5 years, and a lot of this has had to with the surge in online shopping from overseas providers. Statistics indicate that the level of online spending in Australia has increased at a compound annual rate of 26% and a lot of this has to do with the fact that the local providers may lag behind overseas markets in terms of pricing and variety. But the case can be made that with more overseas visitors settling or staying in Australia for an extended period has also affected the increased interest in courier services.
  • At SenditEasy, we notice that many of our customers utilise our service to deliver things back home to family and friends in places like India, Sri Lanka the UK and many others. Whether it be the exchange of gifts between family members in different countries, sending important documents and information back home or using such a service to transport belonging from one country to another, foreign people invariably utilise international couriers regularly.
  • As the number of overseas visitors and permanent residents increase, the affordability and efficiency of these services improve, which is good for everyone! Companies that offer a range of logistics services including courier, air and sea freight and excess baggage shipping are preferable as they can serve you in the best possible way given your needs. As SenditEasy has grown, we have become much more flexible in terms of the solutions we provide, and this has brought great benefit to our customers.
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