Excess Baggage Shipping and Why It’s the Smarter Option

We all enjoy travelling at the cheapest price possible, but comfort is also a big issue. If you frequently travel overseas or around domestically, you might have noticed the growing trend of people that take as much as they can as carry-on luggage to avoid hefty fees for checked-in items. It is becoming increasingly common to see people stuffing huge bags into their overhead lockers and under the seats in front. And it effects everyone, making the trip much less comfortable and potentially dangerous.

There have been reports of flights in Australia where the overhead lockers were overcrowded and couldn’t accommodate for everyone’s luggage. And even if you do find a place, there’s a good chance it’s nowhere near where you are sitting, which is quite inconvenient.

Ultimately, the airlines have to take responsibility and encourage passengers to check their luggage in, but they’re not helping the issue by charging increasingly high fees for this service. Often, passengers are charged several hundreds of dollars to check in a few extra kilos than is allocated to their ticket, and this is the case for both domestic and international flights.

It becomes a problem for both the cabin crew and the passengers, but you really can’t blame people for trying to save money when they’re getting away. However, there are also those that sneak their extra luggage in, which doesn’t exactly help the situation. Compounding things is the fact that this isn’t just about convenience and comfort, it’s also about safety. Having so many heavy bags in lockers and under seats is dangerous in turbulence and causes an alarming number of injuries to the crew and passengers each year.

A Twitter page exposing people that sneak suspiciously large bags has been created and it’s definitely worth a look: CarryonShame

Luckily there is a fairly simple solution, and it starts and ends with excess baggage services offered by courier companies like SenditEasy. Passengers can save more than 50% by having their carry-on luggage couriered to their location. It might seem less convenient (it doesn’t travel with you after all), but in most cases it’s actually much more convenient. Excess baggage is picked up from a location of your choosing here in Melbourne, then delivered to your destination overseas via our global delivery network that spans more than 200 countries!

Why pay more, risk getting fined by the airline or worse – contribute to somebody getting seriously hurt should you hit turbulence up in the sky?

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