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Diwali celebration 2016

With the festival of Diwali in 2016 coming up at the end of October, people of many countries in the Indian subcontinent will be celebrating by attending firework and lighting displays, decorating their homes and enjoying great food with family too! The yearly holiday is also a time during which gifts are often exchanged between loved ones, and there is also a tradition of giving to those in need.

This being the case, people located all over the world will often send gifts back to India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia (among other countries) to loved ones, and vice versa. Indeed, in India and Nepal, Diwali remains just about the biggest shopping season. It’s a very important time of the year for people from this part of the world, and ensuring packages are received on time is very important. But if you are somewhere in Australia and looking for shipping to India from Australia this Diwali, Send it Easy might be your best option. Don’t let your Diwali festival be incomplete, bring your loved ones closer this year by sending any courier to India or other countries in the region through Send it Easy. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we can be your best match for this Diwali 2016.

Gifts of all Shapes and Sizes

send gifts to India

Presents that you may be buying for loved ones can be small or large, fragile or robust. No matter what it is you’re sending, Send it Easy can accommodate you. With a range of international air and sea freight options, sea and air cargo shipping and courier services throughout the Indian subcontinent, you can be sure your item will arrive safely and intact.

Door to door Delivery

door to door delivery

A partner of global logistics company DTDC, Send it Easy has a wide range of delivery options at our disposal, including door to door delivery in India. This makes things very convenient for both the sender and the receiver. Your items can be collected by a courier from your home, packed and taken to be shipped off to India, where they’ll be delivered by hand to the recipient. Send it Easy is one of very few Australian providers that can offer this level of service this Diwali.

Friendly Service

fast courier delivery

With a culturally diverse team of staff, that have many connections to many of these countries, we understand how important it is for your packages to be sent safely and on time. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer service and are available via phone or email if you have any concerns or queries. Our international courier service wouldn’t be what it is without our excellent customer service and we guarantee we always make the needs of the customer number one.

Quick Turnaround Times

faster delivery service

Given that Diwali is a five-day celebration, you have a bit more margin for error when sending gifts compared to Christmas, for example. But it’s still ideal to have your packages arrive on time, preferably before the beginning of the festival itself. Send it Easy’s courier service to India ensures delivery within 5-6 days, which gives you plenty of time to shop for gifts and organise for them to be sent!

Shipping Locations

shipping locations

Send it Easy has access to a vast delivery network, spanning across the Indian sub-continent including Nepal, Indian, Pakistan, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and others that celebrate the festival of Diwali. This means that no matter where your friends and/or family are located, Send it Easy can help you get your gifts to them this October efficiently!

So if you are looking for a Australian courier that can help you send gifts to India or surrounding countries in Diwali 2016, contact Send it Easy and find out how our comprehensive service can help. We are also offering special shipping deals thoughtout the Diwali period to India. So don’t be late to grab the opportunity!

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