5 Best Methods for Choosing a Good Courier Service

Everyone needs to send off items locally or overseas at one time or another and generally speaking a courier service is the fastest way of transporting goods. But there are things to think about – you want your package to arrive safely and quickly without any damage and without any hassle. Naturally there are degrees in the quality of courier services available and it’s important to take the time to ensure you get one you can trust.

There are some considerations you can take to make sure you’re selecting a good courier service that can deliver your goods with minimum fuss

1. Does the company have a presence in the place you’re sending the package

The nature of the courier game is that there are lots of companies working together to get good delivered, and this is perfectly okay. But if your courier is not outsourcing and uses its own delivery networks to transport your package, you can feel at ease. Likely, this translates to a more efficient courier system and possibly increased safety.

2. The company’s general background

Remember to do your research! Find out about the company’s reputation, how well established it is and how frequently they update their service and what their website is like. You be surprised just how much this can say about the kind of service you’re getting with them and how well organised they are.

Checking out customer reviews is also a must. What do previous customers say about their delivery time, customer service and pricing

3. Look for any special deals

Well known companies are always in constant competition with each other and while it does not always rise to the bottom in terms of price, sometimes you will be able to find better deals with certain kinds of companies. But remember that the service provided is not always the same. Some will be offering door-to-door delivery, others will quote you the price of a courier to the airport (which is nowhere near as convenient) so always read the fine print.

4. Quality of the customer care service

General customer service can say a lot about a company to give a few companies a call and gauge their professionalism. Some companies do everything they can to keep you in the loop and provide tracking information about where your package is and when you should expect it to arrive, which is an added bonus.

5. Check their insurance coverage

Regardless of how professional and capable a courier company is, there are things that are simply out of their control. Anything can happen and you can never be 100% sure that your package will turn up at the delivery address. Any legitimate courier has insurance coverage but it depends on your goods, distance, actual service (whether sea air freight, etc.). Get a clear idea that their insurance covers any damage to your items.

Following these steps, you will be well prepared to choose the best courier service from the hundreds available. As far as courier services in Melbourne go, there’s probably slightly less if you’re wanting to delivery overseas, which means finding the best one is much easier. Good luck!

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