Express Courier Delivery to Bangladesh

Whether you’re shipping gifts, excess baggage, important documents, personal items or any parcels to Bangladesh, our courier service can help. We handle everything from customs clearance to packaging and provide the best in terms of customer service, timely delivery and cost-effectiveness.

Send it Easy is a global leader in the logistics field and has access to an efficient delivery network in Bangladesh. We are the first Melbourne-based courier company that provides door-to-door service direct to Bangladesh.

A growing number of Bangladeshi nationals reside in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and contribute to the Australian economy and study locally. At Send it Easy’ Courier to Bangladesh section, we see that many of our customers send parcel to Bangladesh from Australia for commercial or personal reasons. We frequently provide our services to:

  • Students
  • Businesses
  • Families
  • Returning tourists

Send Gifts & Personal Items

People from Bangladesh are very family orientated and exchange gifts at various times throughout the year including birthdays, Bangla New Year and Eid. We take extra care of transporting these personal items, and our approach is to treat every package with the utmost importance.

With a network spanning all over Bangladesh, Send It Easy is the most affordable courier company for Bangladeshi residents living in Australia and can offer cheap parcel to Bangladesh for a large number of logistics needs at an affordable cost.

Baggage Shipping

If you’re travelling to Bangladesh or returning back to Australia, there’s a good chance you’re going to get stung by excess baggage costs, which are pretty hefty if you go through your airline.

Send It Easy provide a convenient solution to this problem, offering door-to-door excess baggage shipping for a fraction of the cost. Have us pick it up from your home before you leave, and it’s delivered directly to you at the other end.

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