Advantages of Using a Courier Instead of a Postal Service

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If you’re sending off an important package, you’ve probably thought about the benefits of going with a courier, compared to simply sending it in the mail. Like most decisions you make between providers, the correct choice will often depend on your specific circumstances. A courier service for instance usually provides a more personalised service, though this comes at a higher price.

This article will go through some of the benefits that can help you make a decision about whether a courier is the right move for you.



The speed of a courier is likely one of the biggest selling points. While postal services are generally pretty direct and rarely take more than a couple of days to reach their destination (domestically), there are times when urgency is of great importance. Given the sheer volume of mail and package delivery they are dealing with, there are sorting delays from time to time. If you need a package delivered within a certain time frame without any room for doubt, a courier company is probably a better option.


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The unique thing about couriers that postal services simply can’t match is the level of convenience for both sender and receiver. Top quality courier services are able to pick up the package from your door and take it directly to the receiver, even taking care of packaging in some cases. This saves you and the recipient the trouble of having to go and send/pick up the package from the post office. Though, depending on your recipient’s area and the size of the package, postal services may provide to-the-door service.

Global Presence

There are couriers active in Australia that have international channels, meaning door-to-door delivery is available between your home and an overseas address. Sending packages and parcels abroad via standard postal services can be much more involved and less straightforward. Some provider will also offer a more accurate tracking facility for the sender and receiver for international deliveries. So if you are looking for a cheap courier in Melbourne or all over Australia then you are surely out from those worrying lists to get the first and most convenient international courier service.

Ongoing Arrangements

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Commercial businesses that have a large quality of packages that need to be delivered can save a lot when dealing with courier companies that offer special, bulk rates. This can be very cost-effective and means that the benefits are met with minimal cost. This is certainly worth looking into with a few different providers to get the best deal.

If you think these are the only benefits that you may get then hold on! This is not the end yet. There are various other advantages of courier services that you have ever thought; that comes with a high-end courier service, it’s just about figuring out what suits your needs best.

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