5 Safe Christmas Gift Ideas This Holiday Season


Even when you’re buying for the people closest to you, Christmas shopping is never easy and it’s often a risk/reward situation. When you think about all the people in your life that you need to buy gifts for, it’s pretty clear that you need to be creative with it more often than not.

Do you go for something boring and ordinary, or do you take a risk that could backfire but could also pay off? The hardest part is that often people don’t know themselves what they want for Christmas! Luckily we’re here to not only help you think of gifts in this month’s article, and also to make sure those gifts get delivered safely via our courier service. Let’s take a look at some gift ideas that are sure to earn you brownie points with friends, family and your better half.

1. Experiences

Often when we think of a gift, we think immediately of tangible items, when often experiences are at times more thoughtful and valued more greatly. Obviously where you send the recipient of the gift depends on their personality, so you do have to put some though. This could include a ticket to a show that is running in town or a sporting event, a wine tasting tour , a hot air balloon ride, or if the person’s a daredevil, a skydiving or bungee jumping outing. Check out Redballoon - this site has a lot of options and can organise the whole thing on your behalf.

2. A Fitness Gadget

If it’s something new and innovative, chances are it’s going to be a hit as far as gifts go. There are plenty of new gadgets on the market these days that are somewhat affordable – we particularly enjoyed this collection tailor made for people that love fitness. You may check out some fitness gadgets.

3. Liquor

Whether the person is a big drinker or not, a bottle of a good quality wine or an imported beverage is the perfect no-risk option that is bound to put a smile on the person’s face. You can always get creative with it and give them a really obscure drink or one with a unique bottle. The best part is if you need it delivered interstate or overseas, it’s extremely straightforward and affordable with the right courier.

4. Food Hampers

Seriously speaking, who doesn’t like good quality food? Food hampers can vary greatly in terms of the content and the price range, so they appeal to just about anyone – it just comes down to selecting the right one for the right person. Online and in popular shopping destinations your can pick up hampers with chocolates, cheese and crackers, cookies, wines, jams and spreads – just about anything!

5. An Automatic Cooker

There’s plenty of new technology when it comes to cooking these and it’s an interest that is attracting more and more people. But even if the person you’re buying for isn’t the cooking type, this kind of present will likely still be a hit given that they save the person from having to do anything! These automatic cookers basically do all the heavy lifting, meaning you can set them up in the morning, go out for the day and return to a nice home-cooked meal.

These are just a few of the gifts we’d be excited to receive this Christmas. Remember, if you’re shipping or sending gifts around the world these holidays, give Send it Easy a call for the competitive prices and the best courier service in the market!

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