4 Characteristics You Should Look for in a Top Tier Courier Service

Whether you need a courier for commercial or personal use, it’s well worth taking your time to pick out a trustworthy, capable provider. There are a large number of couriers in the industry these days and the can differ greatly in terms of pricing, professionalism, speed and delivery areas. So what are the key characteristics you should be looking for when it comes to courier services?

Let’s take a look at a checklist you need to keep in mind when researching a potential courier.


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Reliability and consistency is as important in the courier industry as it is in just about any other! A courier that isn’t punctual and can’t be trusted to deliver packages when they are expected, is probably more trouble than they’re worth. Reliability is the first thing you should be looking for when choosing a potential courier as this can define your experience of their service and determine whether you get your package on time.


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The cornerstone of any good company, communication is a very important aspect of customer service. Ideally, you don’t want to have anything go wrong when you’re dealing with a courier, but the fact is that things do go wrong from time to time. When this happens, you’d much rather a provider that is honest, upfront and communicative. If your package delivery is going to be delayed for whatever reason, a good courier will always take the time to get in touch with you, explain and apologise if necessary. Customer service goes a long way and can turn what would otherwise be a negative experience into a positive one. Providing good communication also involves being available to answer enquiries and questions, as well as being responsive.



If you’re planning on working with a single provider, it’s best to find a courier that can provide you with as comprehensive and versatile a service as possible. This means that your courier will be able to delivery your packages at an affordable rate whenever you might be sending them. This becomes more important if you have clients, friends or family in different parts of the world. Some local Australian couriers simply won’t have access to delivery channels in Europe or Asia, for instance. The ideal courier company will have a global network to be able to transport your goods wherever you need them sent.


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Your courier’s appearance is also of utmost importance, especially if you are having goods delivered as a part of a commercial transaction. If you’re selling products online for instance, you may never have any face-to-face interaction with your customer, so your courier’s appearance can reflect on you. A courier company that maintains clean trucks, uses a smart uniform and employs polite, well-spoken drivers is ideal.

The courier company in Melbourne that has the discussed characteristics is likely to give you the kind of service you’re looking for every time. It’s important to always do your homework and research when choosing a provider. You can find out about their services by giving them a call or checking their online profile. We’d recommend getting in touch with Send it Easy today and find out how we can help.

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