3 Items to Avoid In Domestic Or International Courier Delivery

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While overseas package delivery and international courier delivery services are very versatile and convenient in terms of what you can ship, there are certain items that simply don’t belong in packages. Whether you’re sending items into Australia or another country, it’s important to be wary of the local laws that may outright prohibit certain items from being shipped. This article will go through a few of the most widely prohibited items, all of which have good reason to be avoided!


Drugs and Chemicals

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There are a range of different chemicals that make for a serious safety risk if shipped or delivered in a package. All flammable liquids and gases are prohibited. Oxidising substances such as bleaches, fertilisers, disinfectants and the like can lead to combustion in some cases and must be avoided. Toxic and infectious substances that can lead to damage or injury if either swallowed or when making contact with the skin can also not be shipped via a courier delivery.

Illicit drugs are quite obviously prohibited from being shipped, yet the reality is that drug traffickers often will use the post to distribute their product to buyers. In fact, some years ago, an anonymous online marketplace by the name of Silk Road was active, connecting buyers and sellers of illegal drugs and using the post to distribute them. Eventually, it was shut down by law enforcement after facilitating transactions that totaled hundreds of millions of dollars.


Live Animals

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This one may seem painfully obvious, but the shipping of live animals is best avoided unless you have made arrangements with a specialist in this field. So if you were planning on shipping your dog overseas for a holiday, it might be wise to think again. That said, there are exceptions to this rule. Some couriers, Australia Post included, allow for the shipping of certain insects such as bees, silkworms and even leeches in some cases. Certain parasite can also varieties that serve the practical purpose of controlling populations of other animals can also be shipped, provided they meet certain criteria.



Avoid Shipping

The shipping and parcel delivery of banknotes and/or coins is prohibited, and there are valid reasons for this. Basically, it’s to avoid the chance of the money being lost of stolen, given the number of people that may be handling the envelope of parcel, particularly if you’re sending money overseas. This may seem odd, given that many other highly valuable items are sent via the post.

Many courier delivery companies and Australia Post essentially prohibited the sending of cash due to it being a liability issue. If a great deal of money is lost or goes missing somehow, it is a problem for everyone, so it is advisable that to send a check or money order in these cases.

While these items are prohibited by most postal services and couriers worldwide, there are exceptions and it’s well worthwhile discussing what you can and can’t ship with your provider. For more information, get in touch with a premier international courier service like Send it Easy today.

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